Valorien's Portrait

This is not a complete story, in that it skips or glosses over much of the game’s plot. So if you are not familiar with the Dragon Age Origins game, you may become a little lost. It also contains SPOILERS, should you ever decide you want to play the game. If you are familiar with the game, this format might be to your liking, as it just gets to the heart of the story, and doesn’t re-hash the whole plot.

This also varies from the game — it is the version of the game I was playing in my head while playing Valorien. Oddly, I seemed rather in tune with the game and foreshadowing events in it. Though at times, I had to make up stuff I did not know — for example, how King Maric died. Therefore, expect that it might stray from iron-bound Dragon Age canon, and take that with a grain of salt. 

You can view the story in its original form at Whispering Winds.


Table of Contents
Part One: Encampment of the Dalish Elves Part Two: Ostagar
Part Three: Ostagar – The Recruits Part Four: The Joining
Part Five: The Wilds, Post-Ostagar Part Six: Redcliffe
Part Seven: Concussion Part Eight: Brecillian Forest
Part Nine: Ser Landry Part Ten: The Mage Tower
Part Eleven: Blood & Ashes Part Twelve: Shale
Part Thirteen: Arl Eamon Part Fourteen: A Strike at the Heart
Part Fifteen: Orzammar I Part Sixteen: Revenge
Part Seventeen: The Anvil of the Void Part Eighteen: Brecilian Forest II
Part Nineteen: Hatred and Revenge Part Twenty: Valorien’s Plan
Part Twenty-One: Valorien’s Plan II Part Twenty-Two: Orzammar II
Part Twenty-Three: Denerim – Landsmeet Part Twenty-Four: Denerim – Alienage
Part Twenty-Five: Denerim – Captured Part Twenty-Six: The Landsmeet


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