Dragon Age Tutorials

     Cutscene and FaceFX Studio tutorials.


Cutscene Tips & Tricks

     A collection of quick tips that I wish I’d known when I started making cutscenes. (Also keep an eye on the News & Updates page; I have some info on cutscnes I’m working on, and some tips I learned that session.)

Cutscene Quickstart Tutorial

     This is a 2-part video tutorial; you should not use it as your main tutorial, but just as a quick run-through of where to find everything in the Toolset. Once you familiarize yourself with that, full cutscene tutorials will be easier to understand.

FaceFX Studio Setup

     This is a quick and dirty introduction to setting up FaceFX Studio.  It has text steps you can refer back to quickly, and video demonstrations.

Voice-Over Tutorial

     This is a Google Docs presentation with instructions and illustrations, showing the steps needed to create voice-overs for Dragon Age. It is crazy complicated when you first look at it, but it gets easier once you get used to it. This covers using lines from the SP Campaign and custom VO sound files.

Re-Usable FaceFX

     Using FaceFX in the Cutscene editor can be a pain. This tutorial shows you how you can use the Conversation editor, instead. It also shows you how to get rid of ugly Pennywise-the-Clownface when FaceFX Studio launches from the Conversation editor.

    Place more than one facial expression in a single track.
    Use the same facial expression on different characters.
    Save your Cutscene under a new name and don’t lose your FaceFX.


Toolset Pin-Up (Illustration) Tutorial

     This is a text and video guide to using the Toolset to create still images for illustrations, fan art, or just Zevran Pin-ups. :P (By request!)

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