Dragon Age Videos

     This is the launch area for the videos I have done, using the game and toolset of  Dragon Age: Origins and Awakenings.  The toolset features a cutscene editor, a fantastic tool for machinima.



     I would like to give props to my video-creation tools!

FRAPS    the full version is worth the price!  Great lagless capture of video game footage.  Now with a 30-second buffer option!

Sony Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10     try the demo for 30 days!   Creates HD videos, has great effects and transitions, powerful text control, cropping and panning, and while expensive, is a heck of a lot cheaper than Adobe Premiere!

free!  I don’t use this for gaming footage, but for capturing my screen for tutorials.  (And occassionally for capturing the cutscene editor preview window.)



Mixed-Up Fairy Tales & Outtakes & Humor

      Sometimes, there is such synergy between incidents in the game and in some movies, that my brain can’t stop trying to fit the two together.  And so the Dragon Age Mixed-Up Fairy Tales were born. 
     Also in this category: silly incidents and outtakes.

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales: Alistair the Lion King
Zevran is just messing around, but Bannon would so say exactly that!

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales: Alistair the Lion King (Cartoon Version)
Same as above, but this is me testing the New Blue Cartoonr filter I got with Sony Vegas.  It’s not anything special, but placed here for posterity.

Mixed-Up Fairy Tales: How Hires Zevran (Shrek II)
Totally non-canon, because it didn’t happen this way of course.  But hey, it features the inn so filthy, even the bedbugs had fleas!  And Zevran saying “You have engaged my valuable services.”  I love when he says that!  Plus, at no extra cost:  the ugly step-sister, and an actual outtake!


Outtakes: Landsmeet
This was put together as a sample video for my Voice-Over tutorial.  Alistair and Loghain being silly.


Alistair Learns How to Use a Catapult [Balista]
This really happened in my game.  Sad to say.  That Alistiar, swift on the uptake as usual!



Bannon & Zevran

     Two of the dirtiest-fighting, lying, cheating, thieving, conning, conniving, sneaking, murdering rogues you’d ever want to meet:  Bannon and Zevran!  Two street-rat city elves against the world: the King of Assassins and the Prince of Thieves.  I’m not entirely responsible for their antics and… especially anything Zevran does!!!

     See also the fiction page for Bannon & Zevran stories.

Bannon & Zevran Tribute
Warning:  violence, sexual themes, homophobes should not view
Typical Gameplay and Cutscene video commemorating the two elves’ partnership.


Bannon & Zevran: Bitches Love ‘Em 
Warning: Explicit lyrics,  contains a gratuitous Zevran pin-up,  homophobes should not view
More violent dual-rogue action.  Includes a few custom clips — my first forays into cutscene editing in the toolset.


Zevran: Speed Drunk
Okay, this really happened in my game!  Zevran and his Antivan Brandy.


It Takes a Thief
This really happened in my game, too.  It didn’t have voice-over and cinematics like this, but this is exactly how it went down! My first full machinima with the cutscene editor.


Warning:  sexual themes, homophobes should not view
My first full machinima for an entire music video. Not exactly canon, but captures the trials and tribulations of a frustrating relationship.


Bannon & Zevran: Why They Were Late to the Landsmeet
Zevran wanted to make a video of dancing demonesses, but got sidetracked by seeing how he looks with a guitar. Playing around and…. THIS happened. Completely non-canon, except Wynne does have a line in the story that is very similar to Morrigan’s comment.




     And everything else that doesn’t fit in the above categories.


Duncan: Texas Warden
A video implanted in my brain by Whuffie.  But she was just showing off her technique of replacing the PC head with a character morph (Duncan) and the kill_all_hostiles script to drop the Archdemon.
Warning: Contains Chuck Norris parody (but of the good kind!)

Nug Chase Promo Video
A cutscene to show off my entry for the Community Contest Mini-game contest.

Nug Chase Demo Video
A video demonstrating gameplay of the mini-game.  And showing off my voice-over and character work.

Zevran & Rinna Vignette
Warning: contains violence, sexual content, and might make you cry.
This came out exceedingly well, although there are a couple of glitches that still make me grind my teeth.  The scenes were created for TW to make a video. I strung them together and mixed some music from the Dragon Age music files.



Disclaimer: These are works of fiction created by a fan for fans from the games Dragon Age: Origins & Awakenings
They are for entertainment purposes, only.  No infringement is intended. 

You may not copy my work, publish it in any form, or post it on another web site in whole or part without my permission.



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